artist Mari Kim


Mari Kim entered the art world from a background in design, having studied animation at the master’s level and multimedia as an undergraduate at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. After spending ten years in Australia, between Sydney and Melbourne, Mari Kim has returned to her hometown of Seoul. She now lives and works in Seoul. In addition to her art practice, she serves as a lecturer for the Catholic University in Seoul and an adjunct professor at Chungkang College of Cultural Industries in Icheon City.

Mari’s artwork is heavily informed by her training in animation. She incorporates bright colours and bold lines to create simplified and idealized figures. Most of her works depict young women and many include fairy tale or other popular characters. The frame is often focused on the face, resulting in fullfrontal portraits, and she pays special attention to eyes.

Mari Kim’s first book, ‘Eyedoll’, was published in 2008. The title, which playfully suggests that these women are also ‘idols’ of sorts, inspired likenamed exhibitions in Seoul in 2009 and 2011. In Mari’s characters, the eyes encompass a world of their own; when studied, intricate patterns reveal themselves so that the viewer feels he/she is looking through the lens of a kaleidoscope. Sometimes, the women have been violated and are shown with cuts or stitched lips. Mari’s citation of American horror films as an influence accounts for the dark twist on these otherwise cute feminine figures.

Occasionally, Mari still works as an animator. She received international acclaim for her film Religulous, which combined film with animation, and was featured at various festivals including the 2007 edition of Mains d’Œuvres in Saint-Ouen, France. She has also collaborated with the famous K-pop group, 2NE1, creating the cover for their single I am the Best as well as the music video for I Hate You, released in 2011.

Mari has exhibited widely inside Korea and internationally.
Her work is included in the collections of the Seoul Museum of Art and the Gyeongnam Art Museum


2007- now

Adjunct Professor for Catholic University, Korea


Master’s Degree in Creative media, RMIT, Melbourne, Australia



  • Synchronicity, Shine Artists Gallery, London
Famous Show in Berlin, JR Gallery, Berlin Famous Eyedoll, AP Contemporary Gallery, Hong Kong


  • The Premiere U.S. solo exhibition of Korean artist Mari Kim, Art Aqua Art Miami, Miami
Famous Show, LCX, Hong Kong


  • Famous Show, Opera Gallery, Dubai
  • Famous Show, Gana Art Gallery, Busan
  • Famous Show, Gana Art Gallery, Seoul


    Child Play, Television 12 Gallery, Seoul Eyedoll, Gallery D Cube, Seoul


  • A story about Anderson, Seo Kang University
  • Mary Hall, Seoul
  • Big Head Show Dae Gu, The Omni show room, Dae Gu


Eyedoll, LVS Gallery, Seoul


Ssamzie Illu-pop Gallery, Seoul



  • K- Surrogates, Amalgamated Gallery New York
  • K-Collective, Albemarle Gallery with Shine Artists, London
  • Sub Express 2013, Culture Station 284, Seoul
  • Gana 30TH Anniversary Celebration Exhibition, Gana Art, Seoul


  • Festival O! Gwangju Media Art 2012
  • Just two of us, Gana Art Gallery, Seoul
  • Cartoon World, Soma Museum of Art, Seoul
  • My Funny Valentine, Kim Ree Aa Gallery, Seoul
  • Dragon in Room, Atelier Aki,Seoul


  • A fantastic place, Pyo Gallery, Seoul
  • Skull Exhibition, Gallery Toast, Seoul
  • Clio Box, Insa Art Center, Seoul
  • Imagination Virus, Jeonnam Art Museum, Gokseong
  • Wonder Tunnel Show, Hotel Art Fair - Hyatt, Seoul
  • Black & White, Opera Gallery Seoul
  • Character Lounge, Jangheung Art Park, Gyeonggi-do
  • Fun & Toy, Art Gallery, Busan


  • I Robot, Cho Sun Gallery, Seoul
  • Byul Collection Now Exhibition, Hyundai Gallery, Seoul
  • Pop Party Show, Jangheung Art Park, Gyeonggi-do
  • DECEM, Satisfaction, Gallery LEEBE, Busan
  • KIAF (Korean International Art Fair), Coex, Seoul
  • Korean Contemporary art, 3 Pop Art Exhibition, KimHea Art Center, Seoul
  • Korean 50 Contemporary Artists, Search Gallery, Suwon
  • Wow Funny Pop!, Gyeongnam Art Museum, Gyeongnam
  • Korean Neo Pop, Art Seasons Gallery, Singapore
    • 2009

      • Hello Funnism, Shin Han Gallery, Seoul
      • Korean Neo Pop, Gangnam Media Pole, Seoul
      • Fun, K & Gallery, Seoul
      • Beauty rescues the world, Ssamzie Gallery, Seoul
      • Science meets the art, Kist Gallery, Seoul
      • Korean Cartoon 100 years, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul
        • 2008

          • Art Idol Show, Seo Ho Gallery, Seoul
          • Seoul Design Olympic Exhibition
          • Selected in Pusan International Video festival
            • 2006

              Pictoplasma Art Festival, Berlin, Germany



              First book Eyedoll


              • Seoul Museum of Art
              • Gyeongnam Art Museum
              • Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (Kist)


                  • Directed music video I Hate You for South Korean pop group 2NE1
                  • Art directing and art work for 2NE1’s second mini album


                  Directed the short film Religulous; selected in Mains d’Œuvres Festival, Saint-Ouen)